Alvarium Delivers

When we first launched our Kickstarter, you guys walloped our initial goal by more than double. As part of that wild ride, we pledged that the money raised would go back to you guys in the form of awesome taproom accoutrements. As men of our word, we delivered like Domino’s Pizza (before we raise pitchforks, I’m talking delivery metrics, not pizza quality).

Take a gander; custom honeycomb lighting, hand-crafted wooden tables (and an American flag to match), badass sound system, digital draft menu, 12-ft shuffleboard table and an outdoor patio!

BOOM! Let’s see Domino’s cram that package in their ’91 Toyota Corolla!

We love you guys and can’t wait to have you share in the awesomeness during our opening weekend.

Three pints, hold the anchovies,


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