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On Saturday, April 22 – the lives of two families were forever changed. The family of Anthony Williams lost a father, son, and brother. Words fail to describe the immensity of that loss to those who loved Mr. Williams. Any communication about the events of that evening should begin by first acknowledging this tragedy and the hole left behind in the lives of so many. 

The community of Alvarium Beer has not yet added our voice to the messaging surrounding the charges and arrest of our co-founder related to the incident from that night — honestly, we have been at a loss on what to say as we learn evolving details through the media. 

As of your reading this message, our former co-founder, Michael Larson has been removed from all aspects of our organization. He is now fully separated in any capacity from Alvarium Beer and all other Alvarium retail entities as well. This separation also impacts his wife, Kate, and mother, Donna who are in turn, no longer associated with these operations as well. 

One thing we have come to understand over the past week is that the circumstances of that Saturday night in April did not involve the Alvarium Beer community. It was and is about personal decisions and actions that should not reflect on the 38 dedicated employees of Alvarium. This generous team has only sought to make great beer, coffee, and other products and create a wonderful experience for those we serve. These immediate changes in ownership and leadership are necessary to recognize the weight of this tragedy and to give our community an opportunity to heal while moving forward. 

For all the families this note encompasses and the grief that is present, these paragraphs are only the first step in acknowledging all that has been lost. The path from here is something we are taking a step at a time —  honoring our relationships to all our partners, and all aspects of our community. For those who have reached out or expressed feelings (both positive and negative), we hear you. Thank you for your patience as we dealt with impossible emotions and conversations that needed to take precedence. 

Please join me in thanking the Alvarium team, who has stood strong and stepped up to be there for each other, and our entire community. To each and every one of you, I am proud to call you colleagues and look forward to being an even stronger team in the days and weeks to come. 

If you would like to contact Alvarium or share further thoughts, you will find my email address below. For the sake of those in the brewery, behind the counter, and out representing our brand in the community, please be empathetic on social media — let me take the heat of anything you wish to express.

Respectfully yours,

Brian Bugnacki, Sole Owner, Alvarium Beer
[email protected]